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About Devops Training

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DevOps (Improvement Tasks) is a blend of Programming Advancement and IT Tasks. In DevOps, Programming Improvement and IT Activities are two separate substances that coincide. DevOps centers around uniting these to further develop correspondence and increment efficiency in the association. This remarkable blend permits an association and IT division to convey quality worth despite constantly changing prerequisites consistently. The goals of  DevOps are to build the capacity to give the item and further developing unwavering quality while decreasing failures, as well as fulfilling their client by offering the best types of assistance. DevOps follows the basic interaction like arrangement, create, convey and work stages. Each stage relies upon one another, and the stages are not job explicit.

If you are in the technical field, you must know about the DevOps project that changes the software development and implementation in the team by choosing and removing conflicts between the development team and the project. This issue is a major challenge that the industry has been facing for years. Simply put, DevOps uses the combination of development and operations and thus improves the efficiency, speed and security of the development process and software delivery compared to the previous method.

In this DevOps Online  training course, you will learn DevOps objectives, benefits, concepts and workflows. You will use practical company examples to study and study. After completing the course, you will learn the principles of using DevOps tools such as Git, SVN, Nagios, Docker, Jenkins and more.

  • Inter-team Collaboration
  • continuous development and deployment
  • Automation
  • Integration
  • Communication

This DevOps Online Training is designed for:

  • Individuals looking to demonstrate their credibility and market value as experienced DevOps professionals.
  • System administrators
  • Cloud experts
  • Solution artists
  • Site Reliability Engineers
  • Technical Leads
  • Software Engineers
  • Freshers

We aware of industry needs and we are offering Devops Training in Hyderabad in more practical way. Our team of Devops trainers offers Devops in Classroom training, Devops Online Training and Devops Corporate Training services. We framed our syllabus to match with the real world requirements for both beginner level to advanced level.

Devops Online Training Course Content :

Introduction to Devops

  • What is Devops?
  • History of Devops
  • Dev and ops
  • Devops definitions
  • Devops and Software Development Life Cycle Devops main objectives Infrastructure As A Code
  • Prerequisites for Devops
  • Tools (Jenkins, Chef, Docker, Vagrant and so on.)
  • Continuous Integration and Development

Linux Concepts

  • Linux Installation
  • User Management
  • Package Management
  • Networking

Automation Concepts

  • OS Basics
  • Scripting Introduction
  • Learn Shell Scripting
  • Database Concepts
  • Shell Variable
  • Shell Decision Making
  • Shell Test Conditions
  • Shell Loops
  • Shell Redirectors
  • Shell Exit status

Revision Controls System

  • Subversion Controls/Git
  • Working with local repositories
  • Working with remote repositories
  • branching
  • merging
  • cloning
  • fetch/pull
  • Installation of Git Server

Configuration Management

  • Chef/Puppet/Ansible Introduction
  • Chef server Hands-on
  • Chef workstation setup
  • Chef Distribution Kit
  • Chef Concepts


  • Attributes
  • Resources
  • Cookbook
  • Run list
  • Recipes
  • Supermarket

Build Automation

  • Introduction with Maven
  • Maven structure
  • Maven Phases
  • Installation of Maven
  • Configuration
  • jar/war project structure

Tomcat Web Server

  • Installation and Configuration
  • Tomcat Manager
  • Application Management
  • App Deployment Methods

Nexus Artifacts/Proxy Tool

  • Introduction to Nexus
  • Installation and Configuration
  • Repository Management
  • Proxy Management
  • Integration with Maven

Jenkins Framework

  • Introduction to Jenkins
  • Jenkins Installation
  • User Profile
  • User Management
  • Security Management
  • Plugins Management
  • Builds Setup
  • Integration with Git
  • Integration with Maven
  • Integration with Tomcat
  • Integration with Maven

LAMP Setup

Apache/HTTPD Web Service

  • Installation of Apache
  • Configuration of Apache
  • Static Pages
  • Dynamic Pages
  • PHP Integration

MySQL Database

  • Working with Database
  • Introduction to MySQL Database
  • Configuration
  • User management
  • Permission management
  • Creating Database
  • Data insertion/update
  • MySQL Data Backup
  • MySQL Hands-on
  • MySQL GUI Tools

Installation of WordPress with LAMP

  • Vagrant
  • Introduction to Vagrant
  • Vagrant Terminologies
  • Installation of Vagrant
  • Vagrant Proxy Project
  • Vagrant hands-on

Working with Docker

  • Introduction to Docker
  • Docker Terminologies
  • Installation of Docker
  • Docker image creation
  • Docker hands-on

System Monitoring

  • Introduction to Nagios
  • Concepts behind Nagios
  • Nagios Installation
  • Hands-on

Devops Project Work

  • Project LAMP Setup
  • Web layer
  • DB Layer
  • App Layer


Full Course Content : Download Here


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Future Q Technologies  is very good for AWS Online training course faculty is explaining all the real time scenarios and really helpful in for learning real world and giving full hope to the students on the subject. I really felt satisfied and feeling happy.