About RPA

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) handles the screens of application systems to process work, and execute tasks just as people execute them. With no application integration required, simplified training, scaling, and auditing, RPA offers low-risk, high-value Automation.

How & What Does Robotic Process Automation do?

RPA Technology has the capability to rapidly automate Standard Operating Procedures of existing business processes without any changes or intrusion to the server side of the applications used by the Operations team to complete business transactions.

RPA Tool Course Contents
Robotic Process Automation Introduction
BluePrism Training
Blue Prism’s Robotic Automation
Process Studio
Running a Process
Basic Skills
Process Validation
Decision Stage
Calculation Stage
Data Items
Process Flow
Circular Paths
Controlling Play
Set Next Stage
Collections and Loops
Layers of Logic
Pages for Organization
Inputs and Outputs
Input Parameters
Stepping and Pages
Data Item Visibility
Data Types
Output Parameters
Start-up Parameters
Control Room
Process Outputs
Business Objects
Object Studio
Business Objects
Action Stage
Inputs and Outputs
The Process Layer
Object Studio
Creating a Business Object
Application Modeler
Spying Elements
Attribute Selection